Mangosteen Fruit Health Benefits

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Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits – Purple Mangosteen Fruit Health Benefits
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Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits – Health and Nutrition

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Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits

by admin on December 10, 2014

Watch what exactly are some of the Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits!

Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits

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Xango Testimonials

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Baby Rash - Unsure


Gene Arthritis

Kerosene Burns





Top 12 Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

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Mangosteen-FruitKEY BENEFITS

  • The nutritional attributes of the mangosteen fruit
  • A category-creating, market-leading, premium beverage
  • A flavorful experience unlike any other
  • The harnessed power of xanthones- one of the mangosteen’s powerful components
  • A beverage for everyone

Benefits of Drinking Xango Juice

  • Promotes Healthy Respiratory System*
  • Supports The Immune System*
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health*
  • Supports Cartilage And Joint Function*
  • Maintains Intestinal Health*
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals*
  • Fights Minor Muscle Pain After Excercise*

Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits – Top 12 Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

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Favao Pro

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XANGO FAVAO™ Limitless

XANGO FAVAO Limitless gives you an all-natural energy boost and competitive edge. We take electrolyte-rich coconut water, add the natural energy of green tea, taurine and Korean ginseng, then finish it off with a mangosteen boost. It’s everything you need to get out and get active.


XANGO FAVAO™ Reload provides you with key ingredients designed to build lean muscle, increase strength and reduce muscle loss. It’s the go-to recovery supplement that curbs the wear and tear of daily living. Promote a lean and strong physique.


XANGO FAVAO Ignite combines key ingredients like L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, L-Citrulline, beet root powder and (of course) mangosteen, working harmoniously to increase nitric oxide in your body, boosting your performance — day in and day out.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Mangosteen Juice

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xango mangosteen juiceXanGo® Juice combines the WHOLE FRUIT PUREE of the mangosteen, in combination with other natural fruit juices and no added sugar for a delicious taste. Unlike other imitation brands available, which contain only parts or even just extracts, this is the only patented product on the market. Xanthones SLOW DOWN the destruction of our body’s 10 Trillion cells with NO side effects.

Xanthones are the most powerful antioxidants yet discovered.

The mangosteen fruit has been scientifically researched since 1855. During the past thirty years there has been renewed interest, with the most intense interest occurring in the past ten years. (This research, incidentally, is not made by any doctors or scientists affiliated with XanGo®; they are all independent studies and the information on Mangosteen and Xanthones is voluminous.

The research, in part, has discovered the following about xanthones:

Xanthones are a class of plant derived nutrients or Phytonutrients. They have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies to hold tremendous nutritional value. Found to exhibit strong antioxidant activity, xanthones disarm free radicals in the body and enhance and support your body’s immune system. Although xanthones exist in small amounts throughout nature, it is found in concentrated amounts in the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit.


There are over 40 known forms of xanthones naturally occurring in the mangosteen pericarp, the two most widely studied are Alpha Mangostin and Gamma Mangostin.

The people of Southeast Asia are very familiar with the prized mangosteen fruit and Asian Health Practitioners have long made use of pericarp for a myriad of nutritional uses. The mangosteen fruit, however, has only recently (2002) been introduced to the Western world and much of the science behind xanthones has been predominantly available only to those in the medical community. Many of the clinical studies on xanthones have been done in universities and testing facilities throughout Asia and have recently started to catch the attention of Western researchers.

In addition to the over 40 known xanthones in the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit, there are also polysaccharides, catechins, proanthocyanidins and other active chemicals that give the mangosteen fruit its medicinal properties.

*The following is a short list outlining some of the health benefits of the mangosteen fruit: (According to the Dr James Duke database)

Anti-inflammatory: Known to inhibit swelling, tenderness, oedema and pain.
Antioxidant: Known to stop the harmful effects of free radicals in the body.
Cholesterol: Inhibits the oxidation of LDL (the bad) cholesterol before it has a chance to damage the lining of an artery and cause a plaque to build up. (I.e. reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.)
Immune system: Potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
Anti-tumour properties: Inhibits the growth of different types of liver cancer cells and shows promise with pancreatic cancer.
Digestive system: Demonstrates anti-ulcer activity and helps the body overcome diarrhoea and dysentery.
Anti-allergic: Demonstrated to reduce the effects of allergic reactions from common allergies to anaphylaxis.
Central nervous system: Shown to produce a therapeutic effect in both the treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
Skin: Demonstrated to reduce the effects of dermatitis, eczema and skin infections.

Additional research from the work of Botanical Researcher, James Duke, suggests the following:

  • Antifatigue Antitumour and Cancer prevention – multiple categories cited Antiaging
  • Antioxidant
  • Hypotensive – blood pressure lowering
  • Hypoglycemic – blood sugar lowering (anti-diabetic effect)
  • Atilipidemic – blood fat lowering
  • Antiobesity – helps with weight loss
  • Antiatherosclerotic – prevents hardening of the arteries
  • Cardioprotective – protects the heart.
  • Antiviral – prevents or modulates viral infections
  • Antibiotic – prevents or modulates bacterial infections
  • Anticataract – prevents cataracts
  • Antiglaucomic – prevents glaucoma
  • Anxyolytic – anti-anxiety effect
  •  Anti-Alzheimer – helps prevent dementia
  •   Antiarthritic – prevention of arthritis
  • Antiosteoporosis – helps prevent the loss of bone mass
  • Antiperiodontic – prevents gum disease
  •  Antiallergenic – prevents allergic reaction
  • Antiseborrhic – prevents seborrhea (skin disease that causes dandruff, for example)
  • Anticalculitic – prevents kidney stones.
  • Antipyretic – fever lowering
  • Antifungal – prevents or modulates fungal infections
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-Parkinson
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Antineuralgic – reduces nerve pain (i.e. diabetic neuropathy of the feet or hands)
  • Antivertigo – prevents dizziness

Also attached is a ‘Clinical Compendium’ with abstracts of some of the more than 2000 3rd party, peer reviewed studies published to the PubMed.Gov website. (US National Library of Medicine) In the following e-mail, I will send some testimonials, as well as guidelines on how much of the juice may be consumed on a daily basis.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


25 Natural Mangosteen Miracles

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Mangosteen’s ability to fight fatigue is one of its most sought after benefits.  “[Mangosteen] predictably and reliably provides a safe boost of energy or sense of well being”[1]


Chronic inflammation can lead to Type II Diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and other deadly diseases.  Xanthones in mangosteen naturally fight inflammation at the cellular level by inhibiting COX 2 enzymes.


In our fat-laden world, our cell membranes are quickly becoming hard and impermeable.  The xanthones in mangosteen act to make our cells soft and permeable and able to quickly convert the food we eat into energy.  This makes us feel better and helps up lose weight at the same time. [2]


Mangosteen’s pain relieving benefits are helping people all over the world.  “I was able to stop using Percocet preparations and heavy doses of anti-inflammatory drugs with which I had been partially controlling the pain of degenerative disc disease in my neck for years. I am now pain free,” shares Dr. Templeman.


Heart disease & arteriosclerosis occur when the elasticity of vessels surrounding the heart is lost.  Mangosteen helps to fortify this system of vessels through its antimicrobial & antioxidant effects.  When these vessels are healthy & strong, the risk of heart disease decreases.


Mangosteen contains catechins, which have been proven to be multiple times more effective against free radicals then the antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E.  Dr. Templeman advises, “Use mangosteen as a daily supplement, and you will see the countless antioxidant benefits it has to offer.”1


Hypertension, (elevated blood pressure), is one of the leading causes of arteriosclerosis.  Dangerous plaques form and narrow the passageways of the arteries, increasing the risk for heart attack or stroke.  Mangosteen has proven effective, especially in those with normal body weight, to lower blood pressure and prevent the onset of pulmonary hypertension.


One of the effects of aging is the natural decline in stomach acid.  This leads to increased bacteria in the stomach and causes, diarrhea, cramping, gas, and malabsorption of nutrients.  Xanthones in mangosteen have proven to kill this overgrowth of bacteria to improve and restore balance in the stomach.2


Incontinence for women is caused by the natural decline of muscle tone in the pelvis.  This decline in muscle tone reduces the bladder’s ability to completely empty itself.  As men age, the prostate naturally enlarges, which narrows the urethra and causes some urine to remain in the bladder after urination.  Men and women with this condition often experience infection because of retained bacteria in urine not eliminated.  The xanthones in magosteen have a proven natural antibacterial effect, so dependence upon antibiotics can be eliminated.1


An amazing “side effect” of the bacteria-killing xanthones present in mangosteen is their ability to stave off bad breath. 


Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the respiratory system.  Mangosteen is an ideal alternative to undesirable asthma medication because of its ability to fight infection, inhibit inflammation and reduce allergic triggers…naturally!


Chronic inflammation is one of the leading causes of Type II Diabetes.  Because mangosteen is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it may help prevent Type II diabetes.  With the ability to lower and regulate blood sugar, decrease appetite, improve energy levels and decrease the need for hypoglycemic medications, mangosteen may be the answer for diabetes.


Oxidative damage to the brain is a significant cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other central nervous system diseases.  Because mangosteen is one of the best antioxidants it is effective in preventing mental degeneration.  Plus, mangosteen has been proven to improve mental acuity.


Mangosteen is being researched non-stop for its possible prevention of cancer.  Research has shown that extracts from the mangosteen fruit inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells and also inhibit the rapid growth of cells that trigger breast cancer, liver cancer and other gastric and lung cancer cells. 3


Mangosteen is highly sought after for its natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects.  As a bonus, it is MUCH more pleasant to use then allergy medications and doesn’t cause undesirable drowsiness.


Scientists have exposed growing bacteria to solutions of mangosteen and have found that mangosteen actually stopped the bacteria from growing.  As a result, mangosteen is being hailed, ‘queen of the anti-microbials” for its natural ability to kill bacteria.3


One of the best benefits of mangosteen is its ability to give the user a feeling of well-being.  Plus, tryptophan-an essential amino acid- is enhanced by taking daily doses of mangosteen.  Tryptophan is directly related to serotonin, which is responsible for sleep, moods and appetite.


Skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis and rashes are commonly treated with steroids and anti-fungal creams.  Applied topically, mangosteen has proven to fight these skin conditions naturally and without harmful drugs or side effects.


Cataracts and glaucoma are the result of radiation damage to the lens proteins in the eye.  These conditions can be prevented by avoiding sun exposure and by supplementation with effective antioxidants such as those contained in mangosteen.


Mangosteen can heal painful mouth sores in as little as 24 hours!  Its astringent power and antimicrobial effects work immediately to help promote a healthy mouth and gums.


When low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) in oxidized in the blood stream and arteries, fibrous plaques form.  Studies have shown that xanthones reduce the oxidation of LDL, which prevents the plaques from forming. 4


Kidney stones are common, particularly in men.  When men first use mangosteen in doses of 3 ounces or more, many will urinate frequently during the following 24 hours.  This diuretic effect is helpful with prevention or passing of kidney stones. 1


Mangosteen is a “miracle” fruit that helps prevent and fight many effects of aging: mental degeneration, gastrointestinal distress, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, and eye degeneration.


Mangosteen has shown a remarkable ability, when taken in high doses at the onset of viral infection, to speed up the body’s processes and heal viral infections more quickly.  When taken as a daily supplement, mangosteen has also proven effective in preventing viral infections all together.


The rind of the mangosteen is mostly made up of fiber.  Fiber pushes waste through the colon more rapidly, preventing constipation and possibly colon cancer.  Fiver can also keep cholesterol in check by removing harmful bile acids.

1 A Doctor’s Challenge, A Mangosteen Solution, J. Frederic Templeman, M.D

2 Mangosteen’s Healing Secrets Revealed, Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand

3 Tame the Flame, Mangosteen’s Remedy for Chronic Disease, Sam Walters M.D.

4 Mangosteen: the X Factor, J. Frederic Templeman, M.D.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


FAQ on Xango Juice

by admin on December 9, 2014

What is XANGO Juice?

XANGO Juice is the original mangosteen dietary supplement that capturesthe refreshing, sweet, tangy flavor and natural color of the mangosteen fruit. XANGO Juice’s proprietary, puree formula uses the whole mangosteen fruit, from its dark, reddish purple nutrient-dense rind to the white fleshy pulp – through which all of the mangosteen health benefits are delivered as nature intended.


What are xanthones?

While most people know about the antioxidant benefits of vitamins C and E, far fewer are aware of the incredibly potent antioxidant power of xanthones. Xanthones are powerful phytonutrients, naturally occurring nutrients found in plants, that have won high praise from numerous scientists and researchers. Major medical institutions around the world continue to study xanthones for their potential to support long-term health.


Why the name XANGO?

XANGO derives its name from two words: XAN from xanthones and GO from mangosteen.


Why hasn’t a mangosteen dietary supplement been brought to market before XANGO Juice?

Many researchers around the world have wondered this same thing. The mangosteen and its xanthone-rich pericarp, or rind, have been used traditionally for thousands of years, and xanthones have been the subject of extensive positive scientific research. But until Joe Morton and the other founders of XANGO took the steps necessary to bring this fruit and its benefits to the world, no one else saw the vision. XANGO is the original, a true category creator.


Is XANGO Juice approved by the FDA?

As a dietary supplement, XANGO Juice is a food. While foods do not need FDA approval prior to introduction into the market, XANGO Juice is subject to existing food and dietary supplement laws, such as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, dietary supplement good manufacturing practices, and adverse event reporting requirements. As is required by law, XANGO has established the safety and purity of all its ingredients through independent laboratory testing prior to launching XANGO Juice.


Where does the mangosteen fruit come from?

Native to Southeast Asia and the national fruit of Thailand, the mangosteen is a delicate fruit that only grows under perfect conditions. Enthusiasts of the mangosteen have attempted to grow it elsewhere, but have experienced limited success in Australia and small pockets of South America and the Caribbean.


Is the harvesting of the mangosteen fruit environmentally friendly?

Fortunately, the mangosteen has its own natural defense against pests that includes a yellow latex that it excretes to smother any predators. Because of this, no pesticides are used on the crop that XANGO cultivates for its products. Like- wise, XANGO chooses not to use other chemical treatments during the harvest.


What are the ingredients in XANGO Juice?

Rich in xanthones, the mangosteen pericarp helps to provide the nutrient power found in XANGO Juice while the pulp adds incredible flavor. XANGO Juice is made from a puree of the whole fruit that includes the rind, pulp and seeds. A few additional natural fruit juices are blended, according to a proprietary formula, to round off the flavor of the mangosteen rind and create XANGO Juice’s unique taste.


Is the amount of xanthones per bottle standardized?

XANGO Juice is a natural blend of the whole mangosteen fruit with no extracts. Because XANGO delivers whole fruit benefits, there are some slight variations from batch to batch due to the natural variations in the fruit.


Why does it seem that some bottles have more pericarp than others?

The pericarp, or rind, of the mangosteen is rich in natural xanthones. Even when pureed, the pericarp elements remain a solid suspended in liquid. Every bottle contains the same XANGO formula, but because settling occurs, some bottles will seem to contain more solids. Simply shake vigorously before serving.


How much mangosteen is in XANGO Juice?

The amount of mangosteen in XANGO Juice is part of our proprietary formula. However, it is the number one ingredient in XANGO Juice. The mangosteen fruit itself contains 39 known xanthones and the majority of those are in the pericarp of the fruit. At this point in time, we are the only company to use the entire mangosteen fruit, including the nutrient-rich rind known as the pericarp, in a beverage.


What is the recommended intake of XANGO Juice?

While our label says 1–3 ounces daily, studies show 1-3 ounces taken 2-3 times daily proves optimal for best benefits. However, many people choose to vary from this amount, tailoring consumption to their personal preferences.


Should I continue taking vitamins and minerals if I drink XANGO Juice regularly?

Absolutely. As part of our XANGO product offering, XANGO Precis and XANGO 3SIXTY5™ multivitamin mineral supplements work synergistically with your daily consumption of XANGO Juice to offer complete daily nutrition.


Is it safe to take XANGO Juice with medications?

There are no known contraindications with XANGO Juice and medications. However, XANGO Juice is a dietary supplement and if you are consuming any medications or have a known medical condition it is best to consult with your health care provider or pharmacist before consuming XANGO Juice.


Is XANGO Juice safe for everyone?

Yes. XANGO Juice is made from the whole-fruit purée of the mangosteen fruit. The whole mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) contains nature’s highest concentration of beneficial xanthones as well as high amounts of beneficial natural plant compounds called phytonutrients. Responsible for the pigmentation in botanicals, phytonutrients contain high amounts of antioxidants that support good health. XANGO Juice meets the highest safety and manufacturing standards and has been tested to be safe for anyone ages 2 to 90 years old. Independent testing by Consumer Labs has also verified XANGO Juice as free from banned substances and suitable for all level of athletes. The amount of XANGO Juice consumed may vary for the body size of a person, and you should always check with a trusted physician before beginning any new dietary program.


How safe is the production of XANGO Juice?

We have a strategic production partnership with an ISO 9001-certified food-and- beverage-industry giant. Before you consume XANGO Juice it goes through more than 220 quality tests to ensure it meets the highest standards of cleanliness and quality in the world.


Is XANGO Juice pasteurized or heat processed?

Yes. Government regulations require either pasteurization for the safety of consumers or a warning label of possible microbial contamination in products that are not pasteurized. Extensive research reveals that these processes do not affect the xanthone content or efficacy in XANGO Juice, largely because the mangosteen is one of a select number of fruits that retains its nutritional value under heat.


Are there any preservatives in XANGO Juice?

Sodium benzoate is added to ensure the safety of XANGO. Sodium benzoate carries the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation by the FDA. It is used as an antimicrobial agent in very small amounts, and is added as part of the world-recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in food and beverage processing.


Is XANGO Juice organic?

XANGO Juice is not certified organic; however, mangosteen used in XANGO Juice is pesticide-free. Also, XANGO Juice is unique as it uses a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit rather than a concentrate of the “queen of fruits.”


What is the shelf life of XANGO Juice?

While XANGO Juice boasts a shelf life of two years in an unopened bottle, it is always preferable to check the “Best by” date on the bottom of each bottle. Once opened, the bottle should be refrigerated and consumed within 30 days.


What kinds of sugars are used in XANGO Juice?

There are no added sugars in XANGO Juice, only naturally occurring fructose.


Does XANGO Juice contain potassium?

The fruits used in formulating XANGO Juice contain potassium as a natural component. Our analysis shows potassium levels at 210mg/100g. This is about 50-57mg per 2-oz. serving.


Does XANGO Juice contain MSG?

No. XANGO Juice is free of MSG.


Does XANGO Juice contain gluten?

No. XANGO Juice is naturally gluten free.


Does XANGO Juice contain vitamin K?

No. XANGO Juice does not contain vitamin K.


Does XANGO Juice contain any sulfur?

No. XANGO Juice does not contain any sulfur.


Does XANGO Juice contain any silicates?

No. XANGO Juice does not contain any silicates.


Is XANGO Juice Kosher?

No. XANGO Juice is not Kosher.


Is XANGO Juice Halal certified?

Yes. XANGO Juice is Halal Certified.


What are Bioflavonoids?

Bioflavonoids, also known simply as flavonoids, are found throughout the mangosteen. Flavonoids are compounds responsible for the coloring in fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are also responsible for major health benefits and antioxidant properties. Catechins and Proanthocyanidins are two exciting bioflavonoids and happen to be found in significant amounts in the whole mangosteen fruit.


What are Catechins?

Catechins are flavonoid phytochemical compounds. Due to their potent antioxidant capabilities, catechins—often referred to as “tea flavonoids”—are being studied by scientists worldwide. In experimental models, catechins show a wide range of beneficial effects, including the maintenance of healthy cells and cardiovascular systems.


What are Proanthocyanidins?

Proanthocyanidins are antioxidant flavonoids that help in the stabilization of collagen and elastin—two critical proteins in the connective tissues that support organs, joints, blood vessels and muscle. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to support vascular health.


Wellness Opportunity with Mangosteen Juice

by admin on December 9, 2014

The Wellness Opportunity

The Wellness Opportunity

XANGO wants to deliver on the dreams that all people share. We want to help people feel better, live longer, prosper more fully and become the people they want to be. We use a little word to encompass our big dream: “wellness.”

In partnership with our Distributors, XANGO has improved the lives of people the world over. We’ve saved the lives of children in underprivileged nations, improved the financial conditions of countless people, and assisted in the personal development of every person we’ve touched. We’ve delivered wellness, again and again.

Partnering with the industry’s best Distributors, our future looks brighter than ever. Our wellness opportunity—and responsibility—is growing. We plan to deliver more industry-leading products, save more lives around the globe, help millions more people progress towards their dreams, and have a blast doing it.“We are just beginning.”